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Opening an Embedded View on Form with Variable
~Zach Ekkisonlen 01/20/2004 01:13 PM
Domino Designer 6.0.2 CF1 Windows 2000

My current site has a menu that when clicked places a view in an IFRAME using JavaScript.

<a href="javascript:PlaceView('SOPAll')">

function PlaceView(viewname){
document.all.view.src="http://servername/dbname.nsf/" + viewname + "?OpenView"

This works fine, however, I do not like the way Domino generates the view. I would like to use CSS to style the views.

I have read you can get a better hold of a views style by embedding it on a form. Is there a way to do this like I did above (Using the variable viewname)? Or do I have to create separate forms for each view?

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